Thursday, July 16, 2009


Yeah, sorry. Facebook is my blog these days.

I've been trying to keep up with the runs, but Chicago hates me this year. Cold, wet, cold, damp, cold, and gray--all of June, and quite a few of my running days in July too. It's enough to drive a girl to the desert.

But I'm running the Fleet Feet Women's 10K this weekend. Then jetting off to the West Coast. I'm sensing a pattern!

I haven't been completely lazy though. I've been doing wushu at Chicago Wushu. It's completely perfect for me. I love the school, the instructors, the teaching style, and the art itself. I'm really digging it.

So, to combine my two limited athletic talents and keep me moving and motivated I worked out a summer plan: I got permission to go to work early on Friday mornings so I can leave by 4:30. That'll get me home in time to change into running clothes, grab my wushu shoes, and run the two quick miles up to the guan (school). It's not a long run, but it's a heavy warm-up for a two-hour class! But I've done it a few times already and it really feels good. It's a great intro to the weekend, when I do a lot more playing that working.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Well, hello

So I ran a marathon, then went to Mexico and retired my shoes but good. I didn't do a stitch of running all winter. I blamed the busted toenail at first, then the snow.

Alas, my hiatus has come to an end. I signed up for the Race to Wrigley 5K for the end of the month. Then found out a friend is running the Ravenswood Run 5K the day after. So I may do that. Apparently, I'm back to running. But, y'know, about 90 percent shorter distances. I went for a "training" run last night and it felt pretty good. Two miles, no problems. I wish I could go tell that to my middle-school self! She'd be impressed.

I've invited a bunch of my lady friends to be my running buddies this summer, to up the motivation factor. I've also decided that I should sign up for as many 5K (or 10K too, I guess) races as I can find. It'll keep me beholden, for one thing. But these races also have great charities that they're supporting (Wrigley is Cubs Cares, and Ravenswood is a food bank). It's a nice way to feel good about giving back, and in a really local way. (Plus, free technical shirts!)

I'll do my best to keep you posted about how the runs go!