Thursday, May 29, 2008

Reluctance Won This Week

I haven't done any running this week. Horrible. I'll be getting up tomorrow to at least get one run in before the week is over. And to find out about the news I heard that my gym (little, family-owned, kinda grungy) got bought out by the Athletic Club group (brand new, swanky, built the new gym across the street from my gym, grr) and our memberships are transferring over. I think I'll miss my comfortable little place. I guess I'll adjust, sigh.

In lieu of running news, I'll share my weird CTA experience of the day: I worked late, and got on the bus (22 Clark) around 6:30. A few stop after me, a guy got on. I don't know why I noticed him, but I did. I got off a few stops from home to go to the bar to see Greg and get dinner. I hung out for a while, then grabbed the first bus that came along (36 Broadway). One stop later? That guy got on the 36! It was odd. I think we might be neighbors, since he got off one stop before me. Big city, small world.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I've been struck with malaise. I didn't get out for my weekend run, and I had too much laundry/no clean workout clothes yesterday. I'm bound and determined to go run tonight, and plan to do so outside. There's finally enough sun to break through my crankiness, I think. Wish me luck.

I also just made plans to go to a fancy pants bar tomorrow night with my friend JT. That should inspire me to get up and do a morning run again tomorrow. Mostly because if I hang out with the guy who is the inspiration behind all this and don't run? I'll feel like a total punk.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Day Off

I did manage to get up all three mornings and run. I didn't have a song yesterday because my iPod battery ran out after the first mile. I ended up having to run to the gym's music. Ms. Spears's latest is perfectly acceptable running music.

Today is a rest day. Tomorrow is five miles. I'll likely do that outside if the weather is decent. Spending that much time on a treadmill goes really slowly. It's better if I just run in one direction for half of it, then spend the second (more grueling) half working on getting home.

Today is also a day "off" in that I'm working from home. Which is good, since I haven't done laundry all week. Audrey doesn't mind if I work in my pajamas, but I think my coworkers would frown on it at the office.

Some friends and I went to see Eddie Izzard last night. Laughed quite a bit and had lots of fun. We didn't get home until almost one though, so I was extra glad I didn't have to get up to run this morning. "Sleeping in" till eight, how decadent!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


So the first day running after a bit of a break is great. My legs are all, "Oh hey, this is nice. We can totally pull off a couple miles. Whee!" Today, the day after the first run after a break, they were all, "Hey. We did this yesterday. Whatever, I'm done. What? Two more? No." Rude legs.

Reluctant Runner's Surprising Song of the Day: Tear Stained Letter, Johnny Cash

But, day two of Project Wake Up was a success. And it proves itself worthwhile, as I can now go straight over to a friend's to help her pack. I'm getting paid in Leona's Italian food, hoorah.

Please check out these shirts. They are beyond the description "hysterical" and right on into "incomprehensible." Keep an eye out for the "Dracula style grillz" though. Also, darn tootin' Lassie loves me. It's because I give her bacon. (Found, insanely, by searching for something by one of our authors. I heart Carlos Moore, indeed. I really do.)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Reluctant Runner's Suprising Song of the Day

The music at any gym can be a crapshoot. LifeTime Fitness was all right, though a little heavy on the '80s hip-hop at times. David Barton usually felt like a scenester club on house night. My current gym, SweatShop, lets employees plug in their iPods, so it varies a lot--this morning was trance club stuff, but I've heard a lot of '90s rock (love that).
I generally bring my own iPod so I don't have to listen to myself breathing and my feet hitting the treadmill. I just put it on shuffle and see what comes up. I also have found some songs that are surprisingly fun to run to. Surprising because one would absolutely not expect them to be good "gym songs." I'll try to post one from each of my runs, just to share that little happiness I find each day (or, each day I run, which is four times a week).

Skin Is, My (video), Andrew Bird

Yeah, I wrote "this morning." I'm trying out running before work since I was having a hard time getting over to the gym in the evening. It's just hard to work around social events and time with friends and eating dinner and and and. So, 6:15 A. M. today! I actually had a good morning, with extra time to get ready and have breakfast and be early to work for once. I'll let you know how the rest of the week fares.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Reluctant Runner

I'm running another marathon. Twenty-six point two miles.
I told y'all I'd only do it if it were for charity.
It's for charity.

Reasons you should give me a few dollars:
3. I'm postponing a vacation to Mexico to run for five hours.
2. My friend JT.1. Cystic Fibrosis is a pretty gruesome disease, and CFF does good work to fight it.