Thursday, May 29, 2008

Reluctance Won This Week

I haven't done any running this week. Horrible. I'll be getting up tomorrow to at least get one run in before the week is over. And to find out about the news I heard that my gym (little, family-owned, kinda grungy) got bought out by the Athletic Club group (brand new, swanky, built the new gym across the street from my gym, grr) and our memberships are transferring over. I think I'll miss my comfortable little place. I guess I'll adjust, sigh.

In lieu of running news, I'll share my weird CTA experience of the day: I worked late, and got on the bus (22 Clark) around 6:30. A few stop after me, a guy got on. I don't know why I noticed him, but I did. I got off a few stops from home to go to the bar to see Greg and get dinner. I hung out for a while, then grabbed the first bus that came along (36 Broadway). One stop later? That guy got on the 36! It was odd. I think we might be neighbors, since he got off one stop before me. Big city, small world.


An and Derek said...

OH, you reluctant runner, you!
RUN hard tomorrow to make up for it, k?
Love ya bunches girlypants

Nicci said...

When I lived in Chicago, I got on the El one night after work and realized that I was standing next to my roommate from my flat in England from my semester abroad... AND, she lived in the same building that I did! Crazy.

Run run.

Anonymous said...

why do my daughters keep attracting stalkers

Nicci said...

How has your running been going since this post? Have you run into the mysterious stranger again since last week?