Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Another Number: 13.2762

Hey, guess what? I ran extra. Apparently something went awry in the measuring and marking of the course, and we all ran a wee bit farther than we thought. It comes to about 880 feet extra, so maybe I can shave a minute or two off those extra five!

Monday, August 11, 2008


My coach says at this point in our training (disregarding any improvement to come), we can estimate our marathon time by doubling our half time and adding five minutes. So I'm looking at around five and a half hours. And five minutes. (That extra five minutes cracks me up. After five hours, does that really make or break you? I guess if you're going for Boston or whatever, but for me it's just funny.)

Unlike a few people I saw out there Sunday, I did not bring my camera to the race. Greg snapped a picture with his phone of me all sweaty and tired, posing with my finishing medal by the fountain. However, I can't share it with you because he can't send it anywhere without upgrading his plan. I'll work on that. There should be pictures from the race photographers soon though, and I'll post that link. I always look so goony in those, but I'll share the laughs.

Anyway, the race felt pretty good. I was tired afterward but not overly exhausted. I felt pretty strong through the whole thing. I did come to the sad realization that my shoes just aren't going to cut it, though. I've been less than thrilled with them for a while (my feet are exceptionally tired after every workout, more than I'd expect even at high mileage), but after about eight miles Sunday I started to get a painful blister on my left arch. No good. I'll head over the Fleet Feet this week and try to upgrade.

Final thought on the race? I'm really glad the marathon doesn't start until eight. Getting up at five to head out to run was not my cup of tea.