Sunday, June 29, 2008


Motivation from Marketing: Recently Nike (apparently illegally) put down posters along the running path in Chicago. I ran across one that read "Forget the wind. Run like a freight train." I'll take the stance that while I don't think companies should feel free to plaster stuff on the trail without permission (or with it, really, since it's a nice run and shouldn't be covered with ads, really) I have to say I appreciate the new motto. I certainly don't run wind-fast, but I can get behind the mental image of a freight train. I like it.

Mileage: Eight miles yesterday. I was beat.

Modesty: Runners often wear the shortest shorts that ever shorted. I'm not quite that kind of runner. I went over to Fleet Feet last weekend and bought two bags worth of stuff. I picked up two of these newfangled running skirts, and I have to say I like 'em. They've got the shorty shorts underneath, with a cute, longer skirt on top. Fashionable! Kind of.

Music: I brought my iPod out on Saturday, in case I was the only one at my pace out there. I didn't want to go all eight miles in silence. But I did have a running pal, so I kept it in my pocket. Well, about the last mile and a half, I told her to go ahead, since her pace was a bit faster than mine (thirty seconds per mile does add up). I put on my iPod for a bit, but ended up taking it off. It seemed distracting. I've always had music while running, so it was an odd change. I did listen to one Leonard Cohen song though, with is rather surprising for a running song. It worked, though. Good beat.

Miraculous Ways: I was running with Greta, one of my pace pals, on Wednesday. I noticed a tattoo on her shoulder and asked about it. She told me about it a bit, and I mentioned I had one too, on my back. We talked about how you think of your tattoos as you get older and such, and I said, "Well, as long as I don't renounce my faith, I'll be all right." When I told her it was a Trinity symbol, she asked if I went to church in the neighborhood. I told her I'd been looking around, but hadn't settled. She invited me to come over to St. James, the Lutheran church she belongs to. I plan to check it out next week. Odd how a conversation about tattoos can lead to a church invite!

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