Friday, June 13, 2008

Week One, Done

Well, I made it through the work-week training. Five-mile Monday and six-mile Wednesday were with the group and yesterday I was on my own. Well, OK, "with the group" more being me and a trainer, and the other guys (7:30 mile pace, egads!) with the other trainer. But I made it, I ran it, and I even made myself go out yesterday alone to do a few miles. I don't think I made it the whole five miles, but I give myself a pass since it was really windy and 80-some degrees out. I did get at least four, I think.

Now I just have to gird my loins for the Seven A.M. 5K time trial run on Saturday. Seven. On Saturday. As Holly Golightly would say, "Quel nightmare!"

And, hello to any Abby & Izzy readers! Welcome to my humble abode. The link to my donation page is over there on the right, under the apropos heading "Shameless Begging." Thanks in advance, and know that if you donate, I will likely get all verklempt and teary.


Nicci said...

Whoa! 7:30 is FAST. And ridiculous, frankly. I wish that you lived nearby... I would make you feel much better about your pace, as mine would probably make you look like a jackrabbit if we ran together :)

Don't lose heart. Do you have anyone who will run with you for the actual race? You should put out a plea for a partner on your blog.

Anonymous said...

I'm playing with my new wireless mouse on my laptop. i losve it. You need to know how lucky you are. mud or not B.B. King is playing the Rialto and the tickets are $110 and down. You got to see him for Free - cool. See you Sunday. Have a good run.