Saturday, January 21, 2006

just a day

So yeah, the laptop actually came for my birthday because I'm a spoiled brat and all that. But did it increase my posting? No. Because I am lazy. Also, the only baby pictures I have are fetal (NOT MINE!) and so I cannot compete with Megger or Anners. However, I can compete with Sars.
Dig this, yo:

Piazza San Marco, Venice.

I've sent y'all the link though, right? Need anymore Italy photos, just email me.

Need more pics of my mundane life?


Even the pigeons agree: Chicago Is Cold.

Also? If I ever get famous and die, I hope someone creates an eternal-flame-type of memorial for me, and the pigeons regularly warm their tailfeathers near it. It would be the best remembrance of me ever.

Anyway. I got some crap news today, so I'm going to stop my moping about on the couch in my bathrobe reading sad memoirs (on that, my official stance: Suck It, James Frey. You Are a Hack.) and go shower and drink up with amusing people. (Not at the same time. HA)

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