Friday, October 27, 2006

Update 2006

Hey, yeah. Hi.
This is for An, who admitted to being the eternal optimist. She stops by! Oh dear!

Hello. Happy Halloween.

I ridiculously like this picture. If I could tell you where I got the original (I messed with it in some janky photoshopish thing on my work computer) I would. It had a cane and was all lean-y. You can find it if you Goooooogle "bird sillhouette" and go through all the pages. At least, I did.

Bird sillhouette + good words about HOPE = new tattoo idea. Don't tell my parents.
But if you know any good artists? Lemme know, because I can't design it.
No skelly though. In the tattoo. Skellies are cool, yeah. Just not working in my plans.

So hi. I have a date tonight. And then I'm going to meet up with a boy whose nickname is "Handsome R." And then I'm going to my favorite bar to flirt with the sweet-on-me bartender. It's gonna be a good night, methinks.

Y'all have fun now, too.
Kisses to my Swordswomen. Zerberts to the Swordslettes.

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An and Derek said...

hi chelchel! hooray you update the blogness! :) i'm so prrrrrrrrrout of you. love you more than monkeys love bananas. (and more than geneva loves them too, which is a whole lot!)
from me