Monday, June 09, 2008

Five Mile Monday

Tonight training with the CF Team starts. We'll be doing five miles together. The e-mail said we'd do an "easy run so we can get to know everyone." I'll let you know how that goes! I'm pretty nervous about it. I hope I keep up, and that it goes well. And that it doesn't rain! (knock wood)

I went over to the shiny new gym that ate my membership to Sweatshop (LVAC) to tell them not to transfer it. They offered to let me freeze the membership at $5 a month so I could keep my discount price ($62/month) instead of coming back in the fall as a new member (after marathon training is done) at the full price ($110!!!!!/month). I took the deal. It's a nice gym close to home, so it should be worth it for next fall/winter. Sigh. It really is impossible to quit the gym.

Anyway, running hasn't completely taken over my life. Yesterday I worked at CRP's table for Printer's Row.
We sold a few books and had a nice morning, until a big rainstorm blew in. We covered up the books with the table tarp and took cover in a nearby building. It cleared up enough to open back up after about an hour, thankfully. And it stayed clear for the rest of the day, so Greg and I went to see B.B. King close out Chicago Blues Fest. It was crazy muddy, but a lot of fun. B.B. was great. It feels like it's officially summer now, with the crazy heat and the Chicago festival season.

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