Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hey! I Ran It!

It was crazy hot for October (I heard it hit 80), but I did it! My official time was 5: 37: 01. I came in 25, 872 of 31, 344 finishers. Not so bad, hey?

Check out my proud parents and that city skyline.

And this is the after effect of all that running!

I kept the picture nice and small so as not to traumatize you too much. All that hot weather meant that there were kind neighbors and also marathon officials out with hoses, spraying the runners down to keep us cool. It was wonderful and felt great, but try as we might, our shoes got damp. My feet started sliding toward the front of my shoes around mile 22, and my mile 25 I knew I was doing some damage to my left big toe.
However, I'd gotten a manicure two days before the race, so I didn't know what was under that red polish after I finished! Since I was heading straight down to Cancun the next day, I decided ignorance was bliss and waited a week before revealing this purple beauty.

Ahhhh, Cancun.

Of course, one month later, it was even more gloriously purple! You can even see where I got a blister between my first two toes. Oh, that was truly sexy, believe me.
I was really thinking there was no way it wasn't going to just fall off, but it's been pretty hardy. I have polish on right now, and I broke my camera recently (SO SAD), so I can't give you an update, alas. But it doesn't hurt anymore, and it still firmly attached to my big ole toe, so I'll take that as a win.

Thank you all for your support on my meagerly updated blog and for cheering me on virtually through my training. If you never got around to donating, or just have some spare money looking for a charity this Christmas, I AM still able to accept donations through the end of the year. The link is

Come on, do it for the toes.

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Katie Fries said...

You look great for just having finished a marathon, and the shirts and medals look much improved over previous years. Sorry about the big toe, but if that's your worst injury for the training cycle I'd say that's not bad. I'm not even grossed out. ;) Any other races planned?